May 19

Intense Colors

Intense colors are definitely one of the graphic design inclinations that have been on the highest for the previous few years. Being in the most important positions for so long, there is no chance that they won’t make their collision on Logo Design Ideas.

Certainly, some of the trendiest logo designs will be lively mixture of intense colors that make a firm statement.


If you remember Instagram has changed their logo about two years back and everyone was surprised to see the new one with different opinions. It was like an old-school gradient!

Well, it turned out Instagram were real pacesetters because ever since the web got busy with gradients. Inclines have really proved as a steady graphic style for the last couple of years. It’s no wonder that they have made their way logo design, as well.


As per our experience in Logo design we can say Metallic looks are old to logo design but in new future it will be on plinth and we might have observed most the Metallic Logos has been used into Jewelry and Automobile brands and now it is not reserved to those sectors.

These kinds of logo designs mostly are linked to swanky but they always have more influential quality. The shiny metal effect can make even a simple design be prominent… And as good as this is what a brand wants from a logo.


When you talk about Geometry here’s always a match of logos with it when it comes to logo design. In near future, this will not be an exemption. You might be thinking how, then let me explain you that Logos are destined to be symbolic, and in geometry, each figure has a meaning. For example, a circle means eternity and completeness. A square conveys stability, and so on.


Simplicity has been a pretty steady style from last few years, because it makes the logo more clear, neat and minimalist but still impressive. Most of the businessmen prefer their logo design truly minimalist because it looks good in both the big and small sizes. Apart from these designs, these kind of logos works very well in Branding and Marketing Materials.

Minimalist Typography

Patients are the key reason why virtual tours are so important in health care, but visiting practitioners, surgeons and new medical staff can also benefit from the use of an online virtual tour. Much like it does for a new patient, new or visiting staff can also become familiar with the facilities much easier than having to physically visit the location first.If you have noticed, since 2017 end most of the businesses have preferred to make or redesign their logos very minimalist, whether geometric or illustrative, black and white or colorful.

These kind of Minimalist logos usually been translated with minimalist typography. Creative typography logos are usually made with a letter or two with its brand name.