Looking for a professional agency to maintain your existing website or software?

Recent studies have indicated that technology companies spend as much as 70% of their IT budgets on the maintenance of software and on corrective activities. We provide support services for a variety of organizations and applications, from small-to-medium businesses to major enterprises seeking to benefit from the cost savings achieved through offshore assistance.



Multi-Tiered Support Solutions

Our experts provide level 1, 2, and 3 support solutions, including standard-issue fixing, application, and system audits, IT environment support, and server administration. We offer adaptive and perfective maintenance services, ad hoc troubleshooting, holistic performance analyses, fault and root cause analysis, upgrades, and legacy migrations.


Mobile Application Maintenance

We provide scalable maintenance solutions for mobile applications that prolong uptime, support a larger user base, optimize server performance, improve UI/UX, enhance Business Process Management (BPM) processes, more easily comply with regulatory concerns and keep integrated web services running smoothly.


Application Re-engineering

In addition to typical application maintenance and development services, we offer multiple, modernization, migration, and upgrade solutions for legacy apps. We provide full-time maintenance, monitoring, and support for time-sensitive applications with scheduled maintenance services.

Adaptive Maintenance

Changes in regulations are another motivation for adaptive maintenance. If you are changing the data format you use, it's most certainly time to call for this service. We also can help you when you need to integrate a new operating system or have to update any supporting utilities, as these changes can reduce the effectiveness of your application.

Corrective Maintenance

SIMINFOX's alert and diligent team will go over your software, examining and testing it for problems such as design mistakes, errors in logic, and fundamental problems in the code.

Preventative Maintenance

What are your end users saying about how the software is currently functioning? If you have been receiving a number of similar complaints or are experiencing a return of problems that you thought had already been taken care of in the code, it may signal the time for preventative maintenance. We will fix your software.