Why you need SEO?

SEO - One of the Most Effective and Productive Online Marketing Techniques!

The landscape of Online Marketing changes very fast; as a business owner, you should rely on actionable, cost-effective, and strategic Online Marketing Techniques to real benefits. SEO is one of the Most Effective and Productive Online Marketing Techniques that can take a business to the next level of excellence.

Proper website optimization means better rankings, better user experience, and better revenues. It’s no secret that organic search is a vital source of traffic for most businesses. SEO leads result in an average close rate of 14.6%, compared to close rates of 1.7% for outbound leads. According to Google, 50% of consumers who performed a local search on a mobile device visited a store on the same day. These searches also led to higher sales: 10% of local mobile searched led to sales within one day.

Marketers acknowledge SEO as one of the most productive and efficient Digital Marketing Techniques.

66% of Marketers find SEO and SEM “Very effective or effective” as part of their marketing strategy. 7% of Marketers stated that their SEO efforts were “Not very effective or not at all effective.

SEO helps a website to rank on page 1st; However, being on page 2nd or 3rd doesn’t help your cause. Research by Moz shows that 71.33% of clicks happen on page one of the search results. 

In order to improve the overall business profitability, and achieve unprecedented success, use SEO.